All policies and statements on this page are presented as our terms and conditions of service.  By using our website, online booking or calling us for service, you confirm your agreement to our terms and conditions of service, and you agree to comply with them. By placing a reservation with Premier Car Service you acknowledge and expressly agree to our policies, terms and conditions and further expressly authorize Premier Car Service to charge your credit card in full or part amounts relating to your reservation including but not limited to charging your credit card in full for the reservation plus any time the driver was on site waiting for you, should you be considered a “no-show” or a late cancellation.  Service is deemed rendered, whether you enter the vehicle or not when the cancellation period is reached. You also agree to all additional fees detailed on this page. All bookings must be secured with a credit card on file.
All payments for services rendered are nonrefundable

We have a thorough automated system of emails and text messages that transpire with every reservation.

  • 24 hours before every reservation an email reminder is sent
  • When your vehicle is on the way, the passenger cell number will receive a text message telling them who the driver is, their mobile number and a description of the car they are driving. An email is also sent to he emails on file with the same information.
  • Upon arrival another text message is sent to the mobile number on the reservation.  If you are at the airport, this message will have a link to instructions on what to do at the airport to have your care called up to the pre-arranged area.
  • Automatic receipts are emailed on completion of service.

We have specific instructions on your reservation on how to contact us to make changes, cancel or add details to your reservation. 

  1. Text our number 902-266-9539 with your reservation number and the change or cancellation  request.
  2. Your reservation is not changed or cancelled until you notify us properly and we review your request, we will then send you a new confirmation confirming those details.

PLEASE DO NOT contact our drivers for any changes or cancellations.  Please do not email us. Follow the instructions given.

If you fail to follow our instructions which are clearly detailed on every reservation and this results in a vehicle being dispatched or cancelled late – you will be responsible for the cancellation charges.

We ask that you do not call us to make these requests. We are specific in asking you to make your changes as described for a number of reasons:

  • We have answered everything there is to ask on our website and every reservation confirmation.
  • It is not necessary to call us to make a booking – we have a system that does this efficiently at your convenience.
  • Answering the phone requires us to stop what we are doing to take the call. We are busy so this is not a practical use of our time.
  • We are swamped with emails and unfortunately they can be missed, therefore we require that you send a text message to our number to notify us of your request so we can give it prompt attention.
  • By receiving your request via text we can copy and paste your information quickly.
  • We are a paperless company – pen and paper is old school, slow, subject to error and inconvenient – and so are phone calls.
  • Similarly we do not take bookings over the phone because each booking requires extensive specific detailed information which takes longer if two people need to talk about it to get it done – our online reservation system handles all of this securely and efficiently at your time and convenience.
  • We service 24/7 – does not mean we are awake 24/7 to answer the phone – we all have schedules to manage and lives to attend to.  We provide service 24/7 and you can book online 24/7.

All of our drivers are fully vaccinated.  We take precautions in cleaning and sanitizing the vehicles. We provide hand sanitizer in the car.  You can request a plexiglass shield barrier to be installed for your pickup.  $25 charge.

All clients and booking agents will receive a detailed reservation confirmation with relevant policies and instructions.  We will not be held liable for incorrect information as we give every client ample opportunity to check the reservation details for errors.

When a reservation is confirmed by Premier Car Service we are reserving the vehicle class requested and a driver to be available for you, at your service for the agreed upon time and requested service.  We have incurred costs in providing that service whether you have entered the vehicle or not. The driver has committed his schedule and has refused other service calls for that time period in order to be available for you.

“Reservation Confirmations” remain in place until you receive an updated “Reservation Confirmation” from our office. Each reservation has a “Last Modified on” timestamp. If there are any changes or cancellations required, please ensure that you notify our office and that you receive an emailed updated reservation response from us to ensure our system is updated and your vehicle is properly dispatched. If a driver is dispatched to a call that was not updated by the customer and processed by our administration in time, additional charges will be applied to compensate the driver.

  • You must verify that the information on the reservation itinerary is correct and accurate. We cannot assume you have made an error when scheduling your car service; you must correct any inaccurate information.  
  • Please ensure the reservation has the correct pickup time and date.  
  • We must have all stops and destinations on the itinerary.  If there are stops not on the itinerary, please reply to the email you were sent and inform us as we must account for the travel time on the itinerary to properly schedule our drivers.
  • If you are arriving at the airport, the reservation date and time should match the arrival date and time of the flight on your flight itinerary. Specifically, we require the correct flight arrival number.
  • You must follow the procedures detailed below for any reservation changes, flight changes and cancellations.
  • We require the passenger’s mobile number in order to send live updates. Ensure your mobile number is on the reservation and your phone is on to receive communications.
  • Please treat the vehicles with respect, DO NOT SLAM CAR DOORS.

Your credit card information is submitted, stored and transmitted at all times in a 100% encrypted state unreadable to anyone.  Premier Car Service will not sell, rent or disseminate your personal and financial information to any outside third parties.
The drivers do not have access to your card information.
By submitting your credit card you agree to accept all liability as personal indebtedness for all charges for the persons noted on the form or online booking submission. You grant your approval and authorization for PREMIER CAR SERVICE to store your card information and charge the credit card as noted for any and all charges in association with the transportation services rendered for said persons and/or persons in the company of the said persons.  The account holder is responsible for any charges incurred by employees or associates of the company. If applicable, you also understand that there may be additional charges for wait time, cancellations, additional luggage fees, or damages caused by associates of the account holder. You agree to the terms and conditions set forth in this agreement.  You accept all charges incurred as personal indebtedness and permit PREMIER CAR SERVICE any and all legal rectification.

Card Authorizations: Authorizations are placed to ensure the card on the reservation is valid and on large reservation requests, as surety from the card issuer that the funds are available to cover the cost of the transaction.  Authorizations are removed when the reservation is complete and/or the authorization will expire automatically within 5 business days.

If the customer/booking contact does not submit the correct time and date, we are not responsible for this error and this will result in charges for the car/driver dispatched. A common mistake that occurs is when a customer is arriving on a flight for example on Sept 1st at 11:57pm – they will enter Sept 1st at 12:00 AM which is incorrect. We then have to assume they meant August 31st at 11:57pm, three minutes past the flight arrival time.  We must always schedule our drivers for the exact flight arrival time to eliminate error and track the flight with our dispatch system. Logically we will not assume it is an error and schedule 23+ hours ahead off the time/date you submitted.  This would result with no driver waiting for the customer on Sept 1st at 12:00 AM, the time requested. We cannot assume you are making an error when booking, which is why we make every attempt to ask the customer to verify the reservation details when they book, and again a day prior to the scheduled arrival time.

Your reservation itinerary  charges are intended to serve as an estimate for requested services only, calculated based on information provided at time of booking. Final charges reflect actual usage and any deviation from requested service. 
Reservations made under 24 hours will incur short notice fees that increase as the time to service pickup time decreases. 
Other additional fees include:
  • Wait Time (excluding hourly service)
  • Additional stops (excluding hourly service)
  • Additional mileage
  • Parking Fees, tolls

When you make a reservation with Premier Car Service, we are guaranteeing that we will be at your door or at the airport to meet you, even if you are the only person scheduled for that time. In order to serve our clients, due to demand and a tight schedule, we may have turned down other service opportunities or delegated work to other drivers in order to have a free car and driver available for you. Due to the nature of pre-arranged car service, when a cancellation occurs on short notice – we incur losses. 

A driver/vehicle’s time is valuable and needs to be scheduled accurately in order for us to manage our client’s requests effectively. If a booked passenger does not show up or cancels at the last minute, we have still invested a driver and vehicle for the client and we incur costs and time in doing so.

  • If you scheduled and booked with us the wrong date/time – this not our error.  We send out email reminders 24 hours in advance of every reservations so our customers can catch their own mistakes. 
  • If you enter the wrong vehicle, this is not our fault as we provide clear instructions and driver information.
  • Flight cancellations are not subject to cancellation charges provided that the flight monitoring confirms the diversion or cancellation and notification is given to our dispatch in the appropriate time for departures and the vehicle is not underway. We also expect you to respond to our emails and inform us if you are still arriving and what flight number you are arriving on.
  • Should your flight be cancelled prior to your pick-up, text us immediately and let us know, we will verify the cancelled flight. Unless we receive a text message from our customer, your vehicle will be at the pick-up location at the scheduled time.
  • If we are unable to provide service due to unforeseen events, we will contact our customer and make other arrangements, if at all possible. Severe weather, heavy traffic, accidents and breakdowns do happen. Premier Car Service will provide the best service to our customers that is possible under these circumstances.  Should there be any unforeseen circumstances, Premier Car Service will try to provide our customers with alternate transportation with another company.
  • There are different cancellation policies for transfers that originate within Halifax Regional Municipality and those that originate over 200km away due to the fact that a driver will sometimes travel much earlier (sometimes the night before) to a pick-up that is a long distance away in order to rest and prepare for servicing the client.


  1. Procedure to cancel: You must text us at 902-266-9539 to inform us that what changes you are requesting, please quote the reservation number in the text. You will then be sent a cancellation notice – your reservation is not cancelled until we review your text and you receive the cancellation notice from us. 
  2. A flight change or missed flight is considered a cancellation on short notice unless it is re-booked within 12 hours.   Short notice fees may apply to these rebooked flights.
  3. Cancellations that occur under the cancellation timeline must be charged the full flat rate of the service requested to cover our costs and/or losses.
  4. Every no-show and every late cancellation is investigated to determine the circumstances for the cancellation of service. Please respect our need to charge for unused services when a follow-up investigation deems it necessary. Eligibility for a refund with less than the required notice is at the sole discretion of our management staff. The minimum charges for no-show cancellation fees are determined by the reservation TOTAL and additional wait time of the driver.
  5. Reductions in the amount of hourly time requested or vehicle size ordered are NOT permitted once a reservation has surpassed the permitted cancellation time.
  6. Any schedule changes/delays made within three (4) hours of the scheduled pick-up time will result in hourly charges starting at the scheduled pick-up time. Or if the vehicle is scheduled for another service call and we must send another vehicle to accommodate your new pickup time – the reservation will be considered cancelled with cancellation charges, and a new reservation will be generated for the new vehicle.



UNDER 200 km:
Cancellations within 8 hours of scheduled service and/or cancellations without prior notification to Premier Car Service will result in charges equal to 50% of the booking. Cancellations within 4 hours of scheduled service and/or cancellations without prior notification to Premier Car Service will result in charges equal to 100% of the booking.

OVER 200 km:
Cancellations for transfers originating outside of Halifax within 24 hours of scheduled service and/or cancellations without prior notification to Premier Car Service will result in charges equal to 50% of the booking. Cancellations for transfers originating outside of Halifax within 12 hours of scheduled service and/or cancellations without prior notification to Premier Car Service will result in charges equal to 100% of the booking. 


UNDER 200 km:
Cancellations within 12 hours of scheduled service and/or cancellations without prior notification to Premier Car Service will result in charges equal to 50% of the booking. Cancellations within 8 hours of scheduled service and/or cancellations without prior notification to Premier Car Service will result in charges equal to 100% of the booking.

OVER 200 km:
Cancellations within 24 hours of scheduled service and/or cancellations without prior notification to Premier Car Service will result in charges equal to 50% of the booking. Cancellations within 12 hours of scheduled service and/or cancellations without prior notification to Premier Car Service will result in charges equal to 100% of the booking.


Reducing the number of hours scheduled or vehicle size for any booking with less than 12 hours notice is considered a partial cancellation of service. If a customer for example schedules 5 hours of service, the vehicle and driver have been reserved for the time scheduled and that driver is unavailable to be scheduled for other service calls that are occurring within that time frame or shortly after that time frame that has been reserved for you.  Similarly, a customer may not be able to extend hourly service time if demand is high and the driver/vehicle is scheduled for another client after your reservation.

Therefore time we implore our customers to accurately predict the amount of time that they require service so we can accommodate their request.

HOURLY UNDER 200 km away:
Hourly service is billed at a 2 hour minimum.


Hourly Bookings: cancellations within 48 hours of scheduled service and/or cancellations without prior notification to Premier Car Service will result in a minimum charge equal to 50% of the booking. Cancellations within 24 hours of scheduled service and/or cancellations without prior notification to Premier Car Service will result in a minimum charge equal to 100% of the booking.
Bookings scheduled for over 4 hours require 2 days notice; cancellations within 2 days time of scheduled service and/or cancellations without prior notification to Premier Car Service will result in a minimum charge equal to 50% of the time booked. Cancellations 24 hours time of scheduled service and/or cancellations without prior notification to Premier Car Service will result in a minimum charge equal to 100% of the time booked.

Passengers must follow: Airport Pickup Procedures.

Regardless of the pickup time that you submit for an airport pickup booking, your pickup time will be adjusted to coincide with the arrival of your flight.

Meet & Greet option: When the driver is requested to meet the passenger inside the airport an additional $20 will be applied to the reservation.

If we do not have your correct HALIFAX ARRIVAL flight number, we cannot monitor your flight.  (Your departure flight # is not always the same as your arrival #) Without a correct flight #, we will be at the airport at the default arrival time you entered on the booking.  PLEASE NOTE: If your flight is late and our driver has to wait more then 30 minutes for you, wait time charges will apply.  To avoid these charges please ensure we have your correct arrival flight number landing in Halifax by checking your flight itinerary.


We understand that time is required to retrieve your luggage or use the washroom after a long flight.  However please ensure you inform the driver if your luggage is lost and you have to wait at baggage claim, customs is holding you up or there are other circumstances that result in extended wait times. Please contact the driver at the number sent to you via our automated text messaging to inform us of any delays.  Additional charges can apply if wait time exceeds the following time durations:

  • Domestic Flights: Up to 30 Minutes.
  • US Flights: Up to 45 Minutes
  • International Flights: Up to 45 Minutes.

If we do not have the correct flight arrival number we cannot track your flight.  It is a common occurrence for flights to be delayed, early and sometimes diverted or cancelled.    When these events occur, we adjust your pickup time automatically so you do not have to worry about a driver being there for you.  However, if we only have a time to show up and no flight number to check, additional wait time charges will apply after 45 minutes and after waiting too long the driver will be released from the call.  This can be avoided if we have the correct flight arrival number and the correct passenger cell phone number.  Please ensure this information is on your reservation confirmations.  

It is the obligation of the customer to ensure we have the correct flight number so we can track your flight and have a driver at the airport for your arrival.  You do NOT have to inform us of flight delays, we are tracking the flight and we know.  You DO have to inform us as early as possible if you miss your flight or if your flight number changes. We will work with you to reschedule your service on the new flight arrival, however failure to do so in a timely manner will result in cancellation charges equal to the amount of the reservation.

  • If a flight number changes for any reason, you must text 902-266-9539 to inform us. 
  • Your pickup time will be adjusted by our system automatically to meet your flight regardless of delay or if it is early.  Our driver’s track the flight and will meet your plane’s arrival.
  • If for any reason you want a different pickup time that does not coincide with arriving on the flight detailed on this reservation, we need to be made aware of these details and information so we can bypass the automatic time adjustment of the reservation.
  • A flight change or missed flight is considered a cancellation on short notice unless it is re-booked within 12 hours.   Short notice fees will apply to these re-booked flights if it significantly impacts the driver schedule.
  • If your arrival flight has been cancelled – your car service is also cancelled and you must inform us of your new flight arrival number to have service rescheduled. 
  • Airport pickups have a 45 minute grace period after gate arrival before wait time charges apply. To be clear you have 45 minutes after your plane arrives at the gate.

To avoid being charged as a no-show, do not leave your location without contacting Premier Car Service by phone.
We can be contacted 24 hours a day / seven days a week by phone, email, text or our website. If for any reason, the client cannot locate their driver, please contact us immediately. We also endeavour to catch scheduling errors by emailing the trip reservation to every client for every trip prior to their pickup.

  • A reservation is considered a “No Show” if the passenger cannot be located or contacted within one hour of an airport pickup (time starts when the plane lands), or within twenty (20) minutes at all other pickup locations. Full fare, including gratuities, will be charged for all “No Shows” regardless of circumstance.
We require three hours notice to make a schedule change.  We can work to accommodate any request however there will be charges added to the reservation if it impacts our driver schedule and results in a shuffling of our schedule to accommodate your request. Any schedule changes/delays made within three (3) hours of the scheduled pick-up time for hourly service will result in wait time charges starting at the original scheduled pick-up time. Or if the vehicle is scheduled for another service call and we must send another vehicle to accommodate your new pickup time – the reservation will be considered cancelled with cancellation charges, and a new reservation will be generated for the new vehicle. Reductions in the amount of hourly time requested or vehicle size ordered are NOT permitted once a reservation has surpassed the permitted cancellation time.

There are no wait time charges for arrival flights under 45 minutes, drivers monitor the flight and are aware of early or late flight arrivals.  However, if you do not provide the correct arrival flight number –  we cannot monitor your flight.  If the driver has to wait more than 45 minutes, wait time charges will apply.

If you are delayed inside the terminal, e.g. lost luggage or customs – please call or text your driver immediately to let them know. If the driver has to wait longer than the above wait times without any communication from the passenger, we may have to assume you are not there and the driver may leave and consider you a “No Show.”

The driver will wait a maximum of 1 hour after your flight has landed – or after your scheduled pickup time in the event that your arrival flight number is incorrect.

Wait charges apply when the client is in the car and asks the driver to wait/park regardless of the reason.  When the clients or associates of the client are in the car the full hourly rate applies.

Airport Transfers:  Customers are provided ten (10) minutes of wait time after the scheduled pickup time and for all stops. Wait time beyond the ten (10) minutes will incur the transfer base charge plus the hourly rate of the vehicle prorated. If your delay may result in our driver not being able to service our next client on time, the driver may have to leave and you will still be charged for the reservation in full.  We understand that you would not want another client impacting your schedule so we cannot permit delays to impact our clients. In the event this situation occurs, you will still be charged the full rate to the airport plus wait time.

Point to Point Transfers: Customers are provided ten (10) minutes of wait time after the scheduled pickup time and stops. Wait time beyond the ten (10) minutes will incur the transfer base charge plus the vehicle’s hourly rate prorated.

Wait time charges are calculated by the vehicles hourly rate prorated in one-minute intervals. 


Our grace period is defined as ten (10) minutes beyond the scheduled pick up time for airport transfers going to the airport.
Our grace period is ten (10) minutes beyond the scheduled pick up time for point-to-point transfers.
Our grace period is 5 (5) minutes for additional stops for local service and point to point transfers.
Exceeding the grace period will result in wait time charges.
There is no grace periods for hourly service as the entire time is covered by the hourly rate.

Any schedule changes/delays made within two (2) hours of the scheduled pick-up time will result in wait time charges starting at the scheduled pick-up time.
If a car is dispatched and on the way to your airport pickup and you call to cancel or change your flight, your reservation will be charged in full or in the case of a flight change, an additional fee of $65 will be added to the reservation.
Premier Car Service is able to monitor all commercial flights, therefore, wait time is not charged for any passenger arriving on a commercial airline.
Premier Car Service cannot monitor all private flights, therefore, wait time will be charged as incurred for any passenger arriving on a private plane that is delayed by more than 15 minutes and this service is then billed as hourly/as directed.

Premier Car Service can not monitor train schedules, therefore, wait time will be charged as incurred for any passenger arriving by train that is delayed by more than 15 minutes.

There is a $15 fee for additional stop requests on point to point flat rate transfers and airport transfers.

If extra stops are required – they need to be on the reservation so we can properly schedule the driver and other service calls after your reservation. Failure to inform us or requesting a stop while in transit may be denied if it conflicts with another pickup scheduled after your expected transfer drive time.

Additional stop requests will be granted as long as it does not impact other clients reservations.  You will not be informed of the charge in the car, it will automatically be added to your reservation and charged to the credit card.

There may be additional mileage factored into the base rate if the extra stop causes the vehicle to detour off the predetermined routing described on the reservation. 

By law, we are limited to the number of seat belts in the vehicle. Vehicles cannot be loaded beyond seating capacity.

You are limited to the amount of luggage the vehicle you ordered can accommodate.  Approximately 3 large luggage or a combination of smaller sized luggage which in sum would be 3 large for a sedan class request.  SUV’s can accomodate 6 large luggage or more depending on how many seats are required for passengers.  By folding the rear seats down (which loses 3 passenger seats) the SUV can then accomodate up to 12-15 luggage.

  • Animals must travel in a carrier or crate; they are not permitted to freely stand in the cabin area unless they are an official support animal.
  • If you exceed the luggage capacity of a sedan, your reservation will be upgraded to an SUV and charged accordingly. 
  • If an SUV has to be dispatched to accommodate you and your luggage, an immediate dispatch fee of $35 will apply and you will be charged the full sedan reservation which will be cancelled, plus a new full SUV reservation for the same trip as both drivers must be paid for.
  • If you exceed the cargo capacity of the SUV and excessive luggage must be brought into the passenger cabin, $20 extra will be charged.
  • If you have too much luggage for the SUV and the SUV must do two trips to transport luggage and people, your reservation amount will double.
  • If you leave any belongings or luggage in the car and the driver must return to drop off your belongings, there will be an additional fee added to the reservation which is a minimum of $35 plus the additional kilometre rate of the vehicle if the driver has to travel over 10 kilometres.

For more information on luggage visit” “How Much Luggage Fits in a Limo”

Same Day Booking

Completed bookings received under 24 hours notice are subject to Short Notice Fees, this fee increases as the amount of time from booking to service time decreases. If a booking is not completed by submitting a payment authorization form in order to assign a vehicle and driver, there will also be a short notice fee charged. The short notice fee is added automatically to the rate when booking with short notice.
If you book a quote you were submitted previously and the pickup time is under 24 hours, short notice fees will be applied.

Immediate Dispatch:
Reservations requiring an immediate unscheduled dispatch; or booking booked under 3 hours notice; or vehicle dispatched by customer request on demand; or if you ordered a sedan and required an SUV and one must be dispatched, you will be charged a minimum of $35 up to including 20% of reservation total in additional fees.

Although you may have requested a sedan, we may substitute this with an SUV at no extra cost. However if you have requested an SUV; you cannot downgrade the vehicle class under 24 hours notice as we have reserved this vehicle for you and we have to carefully schedule vehicles and drivers according to customer needs.
PREMIUM VEHICLES: If you have requested a premium vehicle such as the Cadillac Escalade or Audi A8L, please note that there is only one of each that work as a limousine in Halifax. Requests for specialty vehicles will be fulfilled as long as it is available and not booked. In the event that you requested a specialty vehicle and it is not available, we will send a regular sedan or SUV class vehicle at the regular rate. Premium vehicles also cannot be downgraded or cancelled under 24 hours notice without full cancellation charges.

Customer requests that cover long distance and require lodging for the driver must be paid for by the client or the accommodations total will be billed to the credit card.

Point to Point transfers are calculated by mileage or a flat rate from specific zone to zone.  These rates are automatically calculated by our online booking system. Should the system fail to calculate any necessary additional mileage, a reservation confirmation will be sent to you detailing those charges.

Additional mileage is calculated for point to point transfers that end and drop off outside of Halifax as all travel the vehicle/driver does must be compensated.

There is a 10 minute wait time / grace period at pickup point.

Point to Point transfers do not include additional wait time or “as directed” services.  The service covers only the itinerary described on the reservation confirmation when booked.

Additional stops and destinations are a minimum of $15 per stop. (5 minute maximum wait time for each stop)

Additional wait time is billed by the minute based on the vehicle in service ‘s hourly rate. Current rates – Sedan: $85/hour; SUV: $95/hour  Premium vehicles such as Escalade or Audi A8L: $140/hour (taxes and gratuity additional)

Point to Point transfers are scheduled often back to back and thus if the client requests additional time or stops that can interfere with the next transfer, these requests can be denied as we will not impact the service of other clients for you.  All expected time and stops should be on the itinerary so we can manage our driver schedule accordingly.

Hourly charges are billed from the point in which the vehicle is engaged to retrieve the customer until the point in which the vehicle has returned to home in Halifax.  There is 30 minutes grace period on each end of the transfer.

To be clear, hourly service is billed from the commencement of time the client requests service on the reservation itinerary.  The 30 minute grace period is applied to the vehicle traveling to your destination only and/or after the customer is dropped off and the vehicle is returning to Halifax. If the travel time exceeds 30 minutes going to or returning from service, this hourly time is billed in addition to the hourly time of service requested or used by the customer.

Two hour minimum charge for hourly bookings.

After 3 hours time, fractions of an hour are rounded to the next half

Current rates – Sedan: $85/hour; SUV: $95/hour  Premium vehicles such as Escalade or Audi A8L: $140/hour (taxes and gratuity additional)hour.

The card on file will be automatically charged 1-4 days prior to service. We want to assure you that we use the latest encryption technology to secure your financial and personal details.  Drivers do not have access to your credit card details.
Those who wish to pay cash, an authorization will be placed on the card used to secure the reservation. An authorization or ‘Auth’ is a type of transaction which will place a temporary hold on funds on a customer’s card. It is used to verify the availability of funds on that card. This is not a payment, it is a hold on funds in the event payment needs to be taken. Authorizations are automatically released after 5 business days.
If you choose to pay cash but do not pay the driver, a 20% admin fee will be applied to the reservation when payment is taken from the card. Any additional cash offered to the driver are considered gratuities and are separate and not considered payment for the service charges listed on the reservation.

All reservations are charged a standard 20% gratuity plus 15% HST tax.

Rates are subject to change without notice.

There will be a $15 administration fee added to each service call that is in default and due past 14 days each time the invoice is sent and payment is requested every two weeks. If a chargeback (also known as a payment reversal on a credit card) occurs, the customer will be invoiced all chargeback fees, arbitration fees applied plus a $15 administration fee for each chargeback in addition to the chargeback amount.  If any payment due is left unpaid for 14 days after the due date, we reserve the right to add and collect administration charges, all sums that are due and owing along with all expenses for court fees in seeking payment, filing fees, court costs, bailiff fees and reasonable attorney fees.

Premier Car Service does not assume any responsibility whatsoever for lost or damaged baggage, property, personal belongings, or any items placed in or left in the vehicle.

  • If you leave any belongings or luggage in the car and the driver must return to drop off your belongings, or the driver must return to a destination to retrieve or drop off any items – there will be an additional fee added to the reservation which is a minimum of $35 or the kilometre rate for the distance travelled.

Premier Car Service reserves the right to refuse transport to any persons under the excessive influence of any drugs or alcohol. Transportation will also be terminated and full payment due immediately if the driver feels threatened in any way.
Premier Car Service reserves the right to terminate any reservation without refund if the driver or dispatcher on duty feels that the client and/or party of the client is putting the driver, vehicle, client or the party of the client in danger of injury or damage to the vehicle. We also reserve the right to terminate the service if the client or party of the client are in the possession of any illegal material and/or substance. The service will be cancelled without refund. Premier Car Service further reserves the right to refuse service at its sole discretion. This is without exception.

  • Treat the vehicle with respect. 
  • DO NOT SLAM THE CAR DOORS OR TRUNKS!  They all close properly and gracefully.

The Party paying for the Reservation is responsible for all damages and/or cleaning charges incurred by the renter and/or Party of the Renter, including but not limited to: Violating above policies such as feet on the seats resulting in cleaning and conditioning fee of $50, Scratched Paint ($500-$1000) Vomit/Sickness ($300 Cleaning Fee), Beverage Spillage ($100, Cleaning Fee), Burns ($500 -$1000 Replacement/Repair), Smoking ( $450 per violation ) Upholstery Tears ($500-$1000, Replacement/Repair) and/or Opening a Car Door into another Vehicle or Stationary Object ($1500-$2000) etc. We reserve the right to charge up to $5000 loss of income resulting from any vehicle damage caused by the customer. Any charges incurred will be charged to the credit card provided unless alternate arrangements are made by the client.

99% of our clientele want a smoke free vehicle.  If you wish to smoke in the vehicle you will have to pay a $550 fee that covers the professional cleaning and deodorizing of the vehicle and accounts for the downtime of the vehicle when being cleaned.

If a passenger smokes in the vehicle, this charge will be automatically applied to the reservation immediately.

Nova Scotia Law:

  • Infants must ride in a rear-facing car seat until they are at least one year old AND weigh at least 10 kg (22 lbs).
  • Children are required to remain in an appropriate forward-facing car seat until they reach a weight of at least 18 kg (40 lbs).
  • After reaching 18 kg, children in Nova Scotia can move from a car seat to a booster seat. All children must remain in an appropriate booster seat until they are at least 9 years old OR at least 4 feet 9 inches in height.
  • Children over the age of 9 can wear an adult seatbelt and are no longer required to use a restraint system designed for children

Child car seats are available on request. There is a $15 fee per seat associated for this request as the seats must be retrieved and installed before pickup, they are not regularly carried in the vehicle.
Premier Car Service will not be responsible or liable for unfastened seatbelts or child car seats in the vehicle – this is entirely the responsibility of the passenger, parent or guardian. Parents and guardians of children traveling in vehicles are responsible for providing and installing child safety seats in accordance with provincial laws.

Passengers must not consume alcohol or drugs within the vehicle, it is illegal. There is a myth that drinking is permitted in limousines – it is not and our driver can be severely penalized if stopped by law enforcement. Passengers cannot carry open containers that hold, or say they contain alcohol while in the vehicles. Nova Scotia law states any alcohol must be sealed.  Any alcohol must be transported in the trunk of the vehicle and is the responsibility of the passenger. The driver will not handle any alcohol at any time. Our drivers will not purchase alcohol on the passenger/client’s behalf – do not ask.  Consumption of alcohol or illicit drugs inside the vehicle is illegal / prohibited and will result in immediate termination of the service without refund. A $200 policy violation fee will be charged to the reservation for disregarding our policies and putting our driver’s licensing and livelihood at risk. The driver may also choose to end the service immediately and this would be without refund.

Premier Car Service is not responsible for acts of God, acts of nature and/or circumstances that are beyond our control; including but not limited to traffic congestion, road closures, accidents, flight delays, weather delays, vehicle break downs etc.


Vehicles are equipped with dashcams which record both video and audio in and around the vehicle.

The confidentiality of our clients is paramount and this footage will not be shared or used unless deemed necessary for legal purposes.

Our system will automatically map out the quickest way to and from destintations.  This takes into account traffic patterns and the time of day.  So for example it may take a shorter route to the airport early in the morning, but if you are returning on a day when traffic is heavier, it may take a longer route in order to bypass heavy traffic. 

Dynamic pricing or short notice fees may have been applied to one of your dates due to high demand on that particular day.

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