Using our Booking system

Yes it is working.

You are either

  1. Not entering the information correctly.
  2. Using an outdated browser or computer.  
  3. Taking too long to enter your information and the browser timed out. Our website is a secure website and will only maintain a secure link for so long.

Refresh the browser page and try again. Try using a different browser,

Simply do not enter the flight information, click next, and give us that information at the end of the booking process in the comments box. 

The person who is creating the booking should enter their name and contact information first.

If you are booking for someone else, you will be prompted for the passenger name and information during the booking process.  That is when you add their name.  

Do not enter the name and contact information of the passenger you are booking for first if you are booking for someone else.

Factors that affect pricing:

  1. High Demand – There are days when we are juggling a lot of calls and the demand for vehicles is high.  This will increase the price.
  2. Short Notice – Booking under 24 hours will begin to increase the price starting at $5.  The shorter the time duration to pickup time, the more the price will increase.
  3. Changing your scheduled pickup time under 24 hours. Changing the driver’s schedule under 24 hours can cause significant impact for multiple drivers and will result in additional fees being applied to the reservation. 

It takes a significant amount of investment in vehicles, time and management of the schedule to provide the service we deliver.


When you input your information into our system to check a rate, our system will quote you by sending you an email.  It. will also follow up with additional emails ON THIS PARTICULAR INQUIRY that you made.  

If you want to book with us, then click the “BOOK NOW” or “Reserve” button on the screen or in the email we send you. You will then be prompted for more information including credit card payment information.

If you choose to ignore the prompt you get when you book to disregard previous inquiries. You will continue to get emails asking if you want to book as a reminder if you have not booked yet FOR THE PARTICULAR INQUIRY THAT YOU DID NOT BOOK.  If you already booked and are still receiving emails, this is why.

If you do not want to book, just ignore the emails.  They are automated and we do not need responses from them unless you have questions.

Please enter the time you wish to be picked up to go to the airport.  Account for the drive time and how much time you are comfortable with before your flight.  There is a 10 minute grace period to keep the driver waiting 

Maximum 6 passengers per SUV.  3 for Sedan class.

Each reservation is for one vehicle.  If you need more than one vehicle, create a second booking.

Our largest vehicle is an SUV which seats 6 people. The system will not book for you if you enter more than 6 passengers.

If you have more than 6 people, you will need to make more than one booking using a maximum of 6 passengers per vehicle.

Depending on luggage requirements, we recommend 4-5 per SUV if everyone has luggage.

Do not paste addresses in.

Type in all addresses. Use civic numbers and complete street addresses. Do not just type in a city or town.  We need to know specifically where we are going and the system will not calculate the rate properly without a proper address.

When you type the address in you will see addresses populate in the drop down menu. Select the address from the drop down menu. Do not force an unrecognized address.

For Halifax airport, just type “YHZ” and select the airport in the drop down menu.

On the initial booking screen click “Add Stop”. If you missed this, include all stops in the comments section when you book and we will add them to the itinerary.  There is a $15 fee for each additional stop on route.  For stops that drastically change the distance/duration of the trip, the kilometre base rate will also change.

There are two types of services.  Point to point transfers from a pickup address to a drop off address which also can include stops in between.  

The default service is “Transfer” which is point to point service and does not include extra wait time.

The other type of service is “Hourly As Directed” service where the car and driver stays with you.  This is for events, weddings, proms or tours.  Enter your pickup address and your final destination, with the proper pickup times and end time and the system will calculate your total rate.

Yes we have 3 options:

  • Rear Facing Infant seat for babies (0-1 yrs of age)
  • Forward Facing Toddler seat (1-3 yrs of age)
  • Booster Seats (4+ yrs of age)

You select this during the booking process when you reserve a car.


  • Animals must travel in a carrier or crate; they are not permitted to freely stand in the cabin area unless they are an official support animal which must sit on the floor of the vehicle.

For any airport transfer to or from, the system will ask you to input your flight number.

If you do not have your flight number or you cannot find it, simply click next and provide that information in the comments box.

If we are picking you up at the airport.  We need your flight arrival number.  If you do not give it to us, we will be there at the requested time.  But you will be charged wait time if the driver has to wait because your flight was delayed. 

Please be careful when entering the date for your flight arrival.  You might leave on one day but arrive after midnight on the next date.  Enter in the actual arrival date and time, not the departure date.

We will send emails asking you to verify this in advance. If you book the wrong arrival date – this is not our fault and full cancellation charges will apply if we show up and you are not there.

Every airport pickup is timed to the arrival of the flight.  

We realize you have luggage to wait for, which is why every airport pickup has a grace period is a maximum of 45 minutes grace time. After that the driver must be compensated for any additional wait time and this will reflect on the charges for the reservation.

 If your flight is late or early, our system is tracking your flight and adjusting the time to the landing of your flight.  

You also do not need to inform us your flight is delayed – we know.

If you want to change the time, your confirmation will tell you that you need to contact us via text message to make any changes. This needs to be done sooner rather than later as making changes under 24 hours causes a lot of difficulty with the driver schedule and additional fees will apply.

There is a notes section in the booking process.  If you have extra stops, requests or information to add, enter it in the notes section.

Once you book with us your reservation confirmation has all the details and information that you require.  Please read it.

Each reservation we send is very specific in instructing you how to make any changes.  

Text us at 902-266-9539 and give us your reservation number and the changes you want made.

DO NOT CALL US – we often cannot answer the phone because we are busy driving.  
DO NOT EMAIL US – we are swamped with emails and emails can get overlooked or missed completely. It is also not an efficient use of our time to constantly scan the inbox for emails when such changes are of a timely matter.   

Do not leave a voicemail, we have to stop, write it down and hopefully hear what you said correctly.

TEXT US THE INFORMATION as instructed on the reservation confirmation so we can easily copy the changes into your reservation and reconfirm them promptly.

If you cannot text because of your location – email the text to:
(this sometimes does not work so please use a mobile phone to text us)

Relax, we’re professionals. 

Your reservation confirmation will have all the necessary information to instruct you where to go.  

Our system will also automatically email you and text you the instructions when you land. 

No you cannot drink in the vehicle. It is illegal to have open alcohol in any vehicle despite they myth of being able to drink in a limousine.  If you drink in the vehicle we will add a $200 fee for violating this policy and putting our driver’s license at risk.

You can request to smoke in the vehicle – there is a $550 fee for professionally cleaning the vehicle and paying for the down time the vehicle.  If you smoke in the vehicle we will charge you this fee.


No it is not.  We invest heavily into our fleet of vehicles including the care and maintenance of those vehicles in order to provide top notch service.  Do not call us asking for the “best price” or tell us someone else is cheaper.  We don’t care.  We deliver premium service. 

Because it is a complete waste of time 99% of the time.

To answer the most common questions:

  • YES WE ARE AVAILABLE.  (We actually don’t always know, we don’t care. We will handle the call – just make the booking)
  • YES YOU CAN RENT US BY THE HOUR, DAY, WEEK, MINUTE – EVENT, CEREMONY, BUSINESS TRIP – WHATEVER if you need reliable quality transportation – we are the right choice. 


Answering the phone literally wastes our time completely. It’s 2024 and things have changed. Welcome to the world of online booking and reservations.

We have answered everything already on this website. 

If you need a rate, our system will tell you the rate according to the vehicle and distance required.  Calling us and asking us “How much is it for town or location?”  Is not an easy question.   How many people, luggage requirements, vehicle, and we just cant calculate this stuff off the top of our head.  SO – use our booking system. 

We are not a taxi company.  If you need on demand service, call a taxi.  Our cars and drivers are better than taxis or shuttles.  We do not have chauffeurs sitting around in limos on every corner waiting for you to call.  This service requires preparation and planning. Service is not dispatched it is scheduled.

Prearranging car service is much like reserving a seat on an airline or a room at a hotel.  We invest a lot in providing you quality car service.   So if you think it is as simple as calling a cab, or cancelling on a cab. Think again.

We don’t trust people to accurately convey the required information verbally without making mistakes; if we write it down your mistake, it is our fault. We don’t like making mistakes.  So with our system, YOU enter the information and we will service you based on that information. 

When the conveying of accurate information is vital and as important as making a flight on time – we do not take chances.  Messaging via text conveys the information accurately – we copy and paste it into the reservation system – we eliminate errors.


This online booking thing is really not that hard.  Just answer the questions, it is not that difficult.  If you screw up, refresh the page and start again. It really is easy.


Then please text our number or email us with the information or details you are asking about.  Give us details so we can prepare the answer for you.  Provide all the details in the voicemail.   DO NOT Leave a message saying “Call me.”  Please do not start the text message with “Hi” and wait for our response. It is not a conversation or a chat. Please leave the information so we can process it and respond to it. 

We respect and value you and your clients as expected in our industry.  Our service is professional, on time and accountable.  

For pricing and inquiries, we simply ask that you send it through LimoAnywhere or use our online booking because that is the pricing structure we utilize that does not change.

Our system automatically sends driver information, driver name and cell, vehicle description, when the driver is on the way and upon arrival.

We do not update by phone.

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