How To Choose a Reputable Car Service or Airport Taxi


When you are looking at a company’s website, are they just called “Halifax Airport Taxi”? Which taxi company is it? Where is the actual company name that you are dealing with? (More on this problem in this article.)

Google the name of the company to read their reviews and gauge their online presence. How do you know the reviews are real? Genuine reviews are given over the period of time the company is in business. If you see 10 reviews all in the same couple of months, they are likely fake.


People generally look for airport car service because they want or often need a larger vehicle. They want that vehicle to be comfortable and clean. Unfortunately there are a lot of taxi companies out there claiming to be limo companies. This is often the case of you get what you pay for. So if you are comparing rates and you rates that are below average rates, be warned. Good car services can provide you both luxury sedans and full sized SUV’s (not mid sized) for lots of luggage and people.


A reputable company will provide you with detailed reservation confirmations. Do they have a modern method of pre-paying for your service without having to give your card details over the phone and someone writes it down? A word of caution, when booking online ensure the website is secure before entering any credit card information. Most online booking methods are just forms that email your information to the person behind the website.


Are the drivers vetted by the company? Do they dress professionally? Are the drivers monitored? Does the company have paperwork on each driver?


It can be a little disconcerting when you book with a company and you just get a text message or email that says “confirmed.” Will they give notice when the are on the way to pick you up to assure you? What about when the car arrives or when you arrive at the airport? When you book with the company do they give you these reassurances?

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